Responsibilities and commitment !

People often afraid of the word responsibilities.they are afraid to do something or to help people with something cause they don't want to be responsible for any damage or whatsoever.same goes to me !

but somehow i realize , having so many thing to do is fun ..
i tried having just a short nap , but i couldn't possibly do because i realize they are many better thing to do rather than sleeping..
having responsibilities teaches you to appreciate time more,to always be fast and to think fast because people are depending on you ..
sometimes you feel like you just want to let go of everything ! have fun and be free.

but realize it my friends, one day'll thank yourself because of all the suffer(ehh ..mcm lebih lebih pulak ..kesah aku ..~haha) you have became a better person ..

Ini bukan apa yang aku alami, ini adalah perasaan orang lain yg menceritakanya kepada aku semalam .

saya hanya menceritaknya semula !


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