12 December, 2014



 sem 2 nie kira aku sangat beruntung sebab roomate aku semua bebaik belaka , dan jugak 3/4 tu classmate aku sendiri , so fasa awkward dan hipokrit baik tu memang tak berlaku langsung la which allow aku untuk lebih selesa dengan keadaan sekeliling dengan lebih cepat.(ni sangat penting untuk aku sebab aku nie jenis yg amik masa berbulan before aku boleh tunjuk bebetul perangai aku yang sebenar , most of the time aku akan jadi seorang yang introvert dan akan bercakap dengan a few close friends je .sigh )

untuk sem 2 nie aku ingat nak berubah ke arah yang positif sikit kot memandangkan result sem1aku yang very average tu so aku rasa i have to do something about my lifestyle dekat sana . antara benda yang aku nak cuba ubah semasa sem 2 ni and insya allah forever is

  • lebih dekat dengan Allah 
  • baca newspaper online everyday 
  • tak tidur lepas subuh
  • kurangkan berjimba
  • study banyak sikit :) 

doakan yang terbaik untuk aku pehlisssss... arigato !

19 November, 2014

As a debater

As the title say  , 
as a debater  this year was the happiest time in my debate life this is because i am currently studying in Uitm Shah Alam  ,which allow me to join one of Malaysia greatest debate team which is Ut Mara . Training with them and going to competition under their name really changes my perception in debating and also at certain moment making me realize on how low of knowledge i have  comparing to the seniors . No joke, our seniors is sooooo good and sooo clever !

After only joining them for like 4 months i have managed to already got my first ever trophy in debating ! 

during my first tournament , i only managed to make it to the quarter finals which is pretty much okay  while on my second tournament i managed to went to final yet only getting second runner up :)
 these are some pictures :)

this was during the final :)

this is probably in one of  the preliminary round , not sure which tournament ..
however , i decided to stop debating during my asasi year  for no reason whatsoever, :) training and debating for this couple of month will seriously be a memory i would forever cherished 

Semester 1


Mungkin dah tiba masanya untuk aku cerita pasal sem 1 aku sebagai student asasi undang - undang uitm shah alam . 

lets start dengan aku student asasi law tapi under kptm . maka lepas nie aku boleh sambung degree dekat mana 2 universiti , tak terikat dengan uitm :) i dont really know if that is a good thing , but for know i dont let myself think about that too much 

this is some pictures of me during semester 1 of asasi , next week we will start of to sem 2 ! yay!!

there is still tons of pictures during sem 1 , tapi my handphone decided not to allow me to transfer picture to my laptop , so i cant upload a lot :( 

anyway ,  i have to say , life in uitm was indeed fun and enjoyable . i ve known a lot of new friends , new behavior with different background. it was amazing , not to mention i was placed in a very fun and accepting class making my life in uitm  even better :)

07 April, 2014


aku tak boleh nafikan , aku sangat laa pelupa , especially orang dan memories . tak kesahlaa memory tu best taraa mana pun ,  aku slalu end up lupa lepas  setahun lebih . memories okey lagi .. kalau orang lagi sadis ! aku tak dapat nak ingat orang and kadang2 aku lupa how important that person used to be for me . Bayangkan aku baru keluar sekolah berapa bulan , ade setengah orang tu aku lupaa dah peranan dia dalam hidup aku .aku harap sangat aku tak lupa kawan sekolah menengah  too easily . hmmm

04 April, 2014


Assalamualaikum :)

these past few days i went to a camp called ERAT (eksplorasi remaja ambang ipt ) so it is basically for post spm students . it was fun , but i won't be telling u what i did there since  i had no pictures there and i have to wait for my friends to upload it 

but there was a time during ice breaking , this one fc told all of us that strike my heart 
 he told us that

 " why are we embarrassed to tell others about our spm results , it is the rezeki Allah gives us " 

then i reflect upon my self , if i did not get this , i might get even worse than this. lepastu , aku pun teringat ustaz asri bagitau aku haritu , dia cakap , 

"mungkin allah tangguh dulu rezeki awak , nanti allah bagi lagi besar kat awak :)"

sebab dia senyum aku rasa harus aku letak smiley kat belakang tuu .haha. basically this post might have nothing to do with u guys, tapi saja rasa nak cerita :)


25 March, 2014


Ask me about my results , and  i ' ll  probably ignore u for days , or week .. it depends on how u ask .


23 March, 2014


Assalamualaikum ,

i have been isolating   myself from people , due to my shitty spm results. i was in a state where i am not ready to meet  or converse with anyone .  during those days, it comes to my surprise that the person i thought were the closest to me care the least about me . And the person whom i often take for granted ,  care the most  :) this person keeps on sending texts and chats to me although i did not reply . she told me stories , sends pictures and emoticons believing that i would read it and one day would reply to her . it makes me feel  guilty not being able to reply to her . sorry , but it's just that i am not mentally ready to socialize with people. this makes me realize that sometimes  people who you think is your friends is only there when u 're happy and there are  friends, who wasn't really around when u're happy but is always there when u re sad and in need of someone . I thanks Allah for allowing me to meet u , and being able to know u better. i know u probably won't be able to read this, but just so you know , you're indeed one of my real friends :)

10 February, 2014

A Comeback ?

Assalamualaikum .
dah lama aku tak membebel kat blog nie..


  • I study,,and studyy and studyyy.... well , that sounds as IF i m  a good student 
  • I  did my speeyemm 
  • I graduated from high school (Yayy me !!)
  • i started to worry bout my current eating lifestyle which is mostly influenced by my school .
  • i started my driving class.................and i hate it 
  • i went to several places for holidayy  :)
 well that sum up everything !