Assalamualaikum ,

i have been isolating   myself from people , due to my shitty spm results. i was in a state where i am not ready to meet  or converse with anyone .  during those days, it comes to my surprise that the person i thought were the closest to me care the least about me . And the person whom i often take for granted ,  care the most  :) this person keeps on sending texts and chats to me although i did not reply . she told me stories , sends pictures and emoticons believing that i would read it and one day would reply to her . it makes me feel  guilty not being able to reply to her . sorry , but it's just that i am not mentally ready to socialize with people. this makes me realize that sometimes  people who you think is your friends is only there when u 're happy and there are  friends, who wasn't really around when u're happy but is always there when u re sad and in need of someone . I thanks Allah for allowing me to meet u , and being able to know u better. i know u probably won't be able to read this, but just so you know , you're indeed one of my real friends :)


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