19 November, 2014

As a debater

As the title say  , 
as a debater  this year was the happiest time in my debate life this is because i am currently studying in Uitm Shah Alam  ,which allow me to join one of Malaysia greatest debate team which is Ut Mara . Training with them and going to competition under their name really changes my perception in debating and also at certain moment making me realize on how low of knowledge i have  comparing to the seniors . No joke, our seniors is sooooo good and sooo clever !

After only joining them for like 4 months i have managed to already got my first ever trophy in debating ! 

during my first tournament , i only managed to make it to the quarter finals which is pretty much okay  while on my second tournament i managed to went to final yet only getting second runner up :)
 these are some pictures :)

this was during the final :)

this is probably in one of  the preliminary round , not sure which tournament ..
however , i decided to stop debating during my asasi year  for no reason whatsoever, :) training and debating for this couple of month will seriously be a memory i would forever cherished 

Semester 1


Mungkin dah tiba masanya untuk aku cerita pasal sem 1 aku sebagai student asasi undang - undang uitm shah alam . 

lets start dengan aku student asasi law tapi under kptm . maka lepas nie aku boleh sambung degree dekat mana 2 universiti , tak terikat dengan uitm :) i dont really know if that is a good thing , but for know i dont let myself think about that too much 

this is some pictures of me during semester 1 of asasi , next week we will start of to sem 2 ! yay!!

there is still tons of pictures during sem 1 , tapi my handphone decided not to allow me to transfer picture to my laptop , so i cant upload a lot :( 

anyway ,  i have to say , life in uitm was indeed fun and enjoyable . i ve known a lot of new friends , new behavior with different background. it was amazing , not to mention i was placed in a very fun and accepting class making my life in uitm  even better :)