school holiday is over(no!!!!!!!!!!)

well i'm writing this post because.....
today is the last day of school holiday !!!!
and here i am packing my stuff like a stupid person .
why does school holiday have to end??why?????
in the evening i was busy finishing my homework which i've just started doing i t
wow!finally mission accomplish ..
right now,i'm watching two days one night(the best show ever!!!)
but i kept remembering how i must go back to school..
why is the clock ticking so fast today ..
i hate it...
and yeah! tomorrow all of the form2 student have to go back early
before zuhur prayers..
doesn't it seems going back early!!!
not in my history it will never happen ..
i'm still considering whether i should go back as usual or not..
so from now on i won't be sending any post until the month of august ..
so wait for me in the future..

p/s:mama is going to england tomorrow night..~~full of jelousy~~


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