sorry !

well actually this poem was made by SITI MARYAM BT AMANI..
we were fighting at that time..
so she wrote me this poem ..actually i was digging into my bag
and suddenly i find this poem..well just wanted to share

the 1st time i sat my eyes on you
i know you are one of a kind
somehow different ,
in a special ways,
you bring light into my life,
and happiness into my heart
words come out
doesn't mean to hurt you
i'm sorry to give you sorrow
it's not my intent
you,re not weird.
but a little trouble
i'm sorry for everything
aisyah nabilah


  1. ala,so sweeet la both of u :)
    tamau gado2 ea?
    pendetanians have to unite together..
    not be parted
    btw,nty yuna kem slm kt mar ea?
    miss her n all of u :))

  2. weh2,,ang ade pnah bce x poem maryam buat utk oral klaz ak???
    taun nieh gakkk...
    psal dak2 pndeta gak laa...

  3. hang suka mar ah??
    jwb jujur..
    bgitau kami dah ah ...
    mane nak tau bleh tolong <----hieda kate..


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