thanks for being a good listener!

last night, i was so freaking bored.i wanted to talk to someone but there was nobody to talk to.Luckily i open my YM when i saw hannani was online.yes!i found someone to talk to .so we chat a lot. i told her everything that's in my brain at that time and even she does the same. i felt so relieve because there is actually someone who i could trust and tell all my secrets.when i wake up in the morning i felt much better because i've let everything out last night.

thanks NANI for listening to my stories.


  1. ouh kamu, saya terharu. kawan kan ? kita un rindu saat2 kat sekolah agama dulu, kita cte sama2. tp gmbr itu buat sy haha.

  2. tu lah ..
    mase tuh kcik lagi jer.


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