Too much of 2010

this pictures is just too funny ..ha3

I'M freaking in love with it.well right now I'm focusing in school. i have so much joy in this year.result? i know i dropped a lot.even my friends were shocked.but hey ! i learn from my mistakes. for this year my classmate helps me a a lot especially hieda , bella , zulie, rumaizah and syafiqa . for those who i didn't mention it's not that you guys didn't help me but i owe a lot more to these year I'll be changing class as a result of my stupidity i guess. i won't meet any of them anymore but for hieda I'm going to sleep on top of hieda's bed( I'm saying about double Decker)as for others thank you guys for helping me go through this year perfectly .and next year we won't be seeing maximus generation 0610 anymore.sad!.seriously maxi mus helps me a lot especially f5 pendeta. you guys also gave me the best birthday that i could ever imagine.i remembered going back at the dorm and saw my name on the board wishing me happy birthday . i will never forget that .kak wanie thanks for everything that you have done to me since the first day i came until the last of you in the school you help me a lot. thx for everything. kak fatin i'm sorry if i ever done any mistakes to you . i will miss that quotes of you " yuna , kalau panas tolak kipas sikit eih " .ha3.

and lastly ..I'm sorry to everyone if I've ever hurt your feeling.I'm really sorry .

p/s : i know that not many of my schoolmates gonna read this so it's safe to say it here actually the song a little piece of heaven is actually stuck ed in my head.oh no!I'm changing into their fans..ah kidding just one song doesn't make me a fan .


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