slytherin !

why slytherin ?
saje ~ ha3.nak tunjuk berat sebelah aku kat draco malfoy

since it is holiday , and i don't have anything to do this pass 24 hours . I decided to kick back and enjoy myself while watching movies in youtube! guess what? i love it! don't really have the mood to write . so , let the picture do the talking ~

ok ! i admit. i am so eager to share to you guys that my mood came back ! ha3.

this is the movie that i've been watching !

Mean girls 2: this movie is ok ! not bad . i will give it a 3 1/2 star out of 5..ha3

Cyberbully: This movie is really interesting ! i never know cyber bully is this bad. this movie is not a happy-teen-normal-like movie .some might not enjoy it , but seriously , this movie is something .!

Raise your voice : This movie somehow manage to make me cry ! not just tears .it is cry i tell ya !ha3..The best! this movie is sad not in a romantic way, but the love towards a brother to a sister(with blood relation ).haven't watch ? highly recommended!

It takes two : i've watch this movie before , but yet it is so fun! watch it !


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