Assalamualaikum :)

these past few days i went to a camp called ERAT (eksplorasi remaja ambang ipt ) so it is basically for post spm students . it was fun , but i won't be telling u what i did there since  i had no pictures there and i have to wait for my friends to upload it 

but there was a time during ice breaking , this one fc told all of us that strike my heart 
 he told us that

 " why are we embarrassed to tell others about our spm results , it is the rezeki Allah gives us " 

then i reflect upon my self , if i did not get this , i might get even worse than this. lepastu , aku pun teringat ustaz asri bagitau aku haritu , dia cakap , 

"mungkin allah tangguh dulu rezeki awak , nanti allah bagi lagi besar kat awak :)"

sebab dia senyum aku rasa harus aku letak smiley kat belakang tuu .haha. basically this post might have nothing to do with u guys, tapi saja rasa nak cerita :)



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