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Mock Trial 2018

Yup, this is just an update of my life so far in 2018. No tips, no travelling just my daily life. But to be quite frank my daily life aint that boring hahahhaha .

As of 16 March, we have just finish with Malaya Mock Trials and I have to say life was SUPER hectic before the show. It was really hectic that my life was a mess! (not that it was any better before but it is definitely 2x the mess).  I wasn't even a cast and people won't even know and remember me after the show. Remind me again why did i sacrifice that much for the show??

should have not agree to being the committee.......

Jk! I honestly and absolutely love every time spend with the team. Malaya Mock Trial have awesome crews and cast and I am forever grateful to all of them.  
We used to have trainings every night but once the show ends, I can definitely feel emptiness in my schedule. I am definitely not complaining because i can focus on other thing but it just feel weird not seeing them after almost 5 weeks of see…

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