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2017 in a Tart nenas?

2018. So at first i thought of  just starting the new year with a new post and ignoring the fact that i don't do any concluding post of the 2017. But then i felt bad if i do not do so because 2017 have been a WONDERFUL and GREAT year for me. It is honestly a year that i will forever cherish and remember and with a post on my blog i will forever remember it more ! 
Why do i love 2017 so much ?  2017 is a year that i gets to enjoy so many new things that i have never done like going scuba diving, doing hiking again, become closer with my friends, going to my favourite artist concert. But above all, i get to  know myself even better and i think i become a lot calmer this year. If you don't know me back in high school, i actually used to be someone super ambitious. I am the type of annoying student who wants to be a great person in the future and make changes to Malaysia and if i continue  like that i might even be a politician by now. I love having control over stuff and basicall…

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