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Assalamualaikum and hello everyone, 

Last April, my family and i went to Bali for 4 days 3 night. There's actually a funny story about this. So , we were supposed to stay for 4 days kan, but my sister had class so she could only stay for 3 days which was fine so only me and my mom will be staying there for 4 days. 
Accommodation : The Magani hotel and Spa ( love this place!)

But then, at the veryy last minute, my mom told me that she also had to go back earlier so only i will be staying in bali for another day !! nervous kot sensorang dah la Bali bukan Jakarta ke Bandung ke which im quite familiar dah. But to change the flight ticket would be to expensive so takpelah  ill just stay. Luckily, during my last visit to Bali dulu i made a couple of friends there so i contacted her and so i go out with her la the next day . 
During our stay in bali, we went to tanah lot ( wajib pergi ye teman2 ), nusa dua (juga wajib pergi ) and another place which i forgot , coffee place and other plac…

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