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A very rare post. #InMalay

Hari ini hari rabu,  kome-kome nak tahu?

Dan itu adalah cubaan saya untuk membuat pantun. Adakah ianya successful attempt ? andalah juri saya. 

Earlier today, Hijabify 2.0 was conducted in University of Malaya and incase you guys didn't know, I am actually one of the committee in making this event happen. 
We invited 2 speakers for the forum . They were both amazing! it was amazing! You know when u attended talks, sometimes u can feel that the person giving the talk is not being honest, or that it is all scripted so it doesn't sound sincere? So you just left the room as if nothing happen and it doesn't touch your heart if i may say. 
But it wasn't the case for today's forum. Our speakers were Miss Sumi Jones and Miss Hana. Our topic was about finding balance between liberalism and traditionalism and how to let people see beyond your Hijab and something along that line. 

However most of talk was about finding your religion and in way finding yourself. Antara points…

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